Typographic Logos – A few Basic Tips


Typographic Logos – A few Basic Tips

Logos are the one thing you consistently see no matter where you go or what you’re doing. With so many independent companies and outlets being registered every day, the logo design could be a major factor when it comes to getting ahead of the competition.  There are a lot of types of logos. Some are big images with a lot of little elements in them, some are very complex as they have multiple meanings behind them and some just seem simple and right. As long as the logos are instantly recognizable, anything could work. Typographic logos or lettering logo designs are the kind of logos that just have text in them, usually the name of the brand. Let’s look at a few advantages and tips for typographic logos.

Recognizable and memorable:
Having a typographic logo means that it’s easier for people to instantly remember and recognize the brand. Logos like Coca-Cola, Porsche and Activision are all immediately recognized by people all over the world. This is because of the fact that the logos are made of just words and don’t require the audience to have the knowledge of the company to recognize the logo.

Know your target audience:
It is very important to keep your target audience in mind while designing a logo. This will help you a lot in picking the font and the color for your logo. Typographic logos do not need to worry too much about this, but it still helps the designers fine tune the logo.

Be creative:
There’s a difference between being inspired and being lazy, and copying somebody else’s design is a definite sign of the latter. The most important application of creating a logo is that the brand stands out in every single way. This means that the logo has to be different and as original as possible. Copying somebody else’s logo leaves a bad impression and the brand tends to lose its name and credibility.

Don’t overdo it:
Sometimes, it’s possible for designers to overdo the logo by adding a lot of unnecessary elements that make it hard to read. It’s always encouraged to keep it simple and select fonts that catch one’s eyes immediately.

Many of the well-known brands today have typographic logos and they have proven to be working pretty well. This goes to show that the logos can be simple yet very effective.