Why Shift to Gel Nail Polish?

Gel Nail Polish

Why Shift to Gel Nail Polish?

Women love to comfort themselves every once in a while, and that includes a manicure. Getting nails done is not only a pampering way to relax; it’s also a way of maintaining the health and appearance of your nails. Nowadays, there are many options to choose from when you go to the salon or even online. The two standard products and services present are gel nail polish and the regular one. This article will explain their differences and tell you why many women have turned to gel polish

The Regular Nail Polish

This is the traditional one. With this type of manicure, you may or may not need to go to a salon, so this is indeed a budget-friendly one. Many women go for the traditional one because it can easily be applied at home with the fact that this can be done without any extra tools. This one is easy to apply and remove, so you can change the color as often as you want.

If you get a manicure from a salon, the technician will clean up your nails, shape them, then apply the base coat, polish, and topcoat.

Traditional nail polish may have many advantages. However, it also has significant disadvantages.

It takes a long time to dry. And even if it dries without getting any damages, it doesn’t stay long on the nails because it is easy to break and chip.

This requires you to touch-ups and reapply more frequently, and it’s somehow frustrating. But fortunately, the gel polish gets in the way.

traditional manicure

Gel Nail Polish

Unlike the regular nail polish, gel nail polish costs more, especially in a salon. But these have also been available online, nowadays so this can also be done at home.

Gel manicures take a little time to finish. The process is almost the same as the traditional manicure Getting your nails clean, shaping them, and applying the base coat before the color.

However, the application process changes when, after putting the gel base coat, your nails will be placed under a UV or LED lamp to dry them; the same goes after the color and topcoat application.

Many women go for the gel nails because they last much longer, and they are undoubtedly beautiful because of its glossy effect, no matter what shade of color you want to use. This type of polish won’t chip or break easily, so this will last for weeks.

Gel manicures are great if you use your hands a lot and want your polish stay long while they remain glossy.

Will you give yourself a try to gel nail polish?

Gel polish offers a promising result of beautiful nails that lasts a long time. Especially getting the right color of your choice will make it more fashionable than ever before. Coloressemipermanentes will give you more options for a variety of shades, colors, and glitter that will make your manicure looks more luxurious without worrying about its durability.