MLB trade deadline projections and predictions


MLB trade deadline projections and predictions

Posted OnAugust 19, 2019 0

A lot of baseball fans know that the trade deadline is already here, and the teams who are looking to add the players which they believe could be the missing puzzle pieces to complete their arsenal for a chance to get to the playoffs or win the title is already happening.

If you could just imagine reversing the deadline instead of adding these missing pieces of players, and contenders have to sell or even cut their worst player instead, this will give the buyers the chance to sell and the sellers the chance to buy, so check out this post from 먹튀 that will show you some good team movements this offseason.

The reverse deadline of the Major League Baseball’s trade deadline is very interesting since it does not take age, also the salary, and the years of control of the team with the player that they have signed during the free agency period and the trade period. Just last season, the Philadelphia Phillies were deemed to be strong contenders for almost the entire year, and they even had a well-regarded player in the form of Scott Kingery who had a negative fWAR, however, he was also in pace for a 3 fWAR season for this year.

During the reverse trade deadline, they might not be allowed to wait for the improvement of Kingery considering that he is turning to be the team’s worst player, and now he is going to a team that is rebuilding.

There are instances that the reverse trade deadline could be boring knowing that the Los Angeles Dodgers have the best record because they do not have an expendable player which they describe as their worst piece, however, they decided to trade Yimi Garcia just this year while everyone does not even care about this player, however, sometimes there are more interesting things that can happen.


Interesting things like what happened to the Houston Astros who was virtually robbed. The Astros had the best record in the American League because they were just behind the Dodgers for the best overall, but in this new environment, their early-season signing of Corbin Martin which for many is a huge gamble cost them a lot. He has a poor pitch performance in the five starts before replacing Tommy John who underwent surgery which left him with a dismal -0.5 fWAR for the season which was the club’s worst mark in history. He had that kind of performance despite being included numerous times in the top 100 lists for several seasons, however, there is no chance that a rebuilding team would pass on Martin this off-season.

He could either be landing on the Baltimore Orioles or the Seattle Mariners.

Meanwhile, the New York Yankees was ripped off because of the untimely return of Miguel Andujar which they predicted to be a huge part of the team since the Yankees were just behind the Astros for the best record in the American League. Andujar, however, suffered a torn labrum which kept him out in the start of the season despite piling up a -1.1 fWAR within a dozen games.