What are the rubber stamps used for and how it’s made?

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What are the rubber stamps used for and how it’s made?

Posted OnJanuary 8, 2020 0

Rubber stamps have upraised alphabets, numbers or any kind of images. These are used with a dip in a special kind of ink and press on any surface. These stamps make the paper for legal work. You can get your own stamp online also by going to the link https://sticker.com.sg/pre-inked-stamp/. It is built on a hard surface like wood, brick or any other block.

A self-adhesive stamp is a rubber seal with a spring, a stamp and ink pad inside the system. The stamp is placed on the pad whenever it is not in use. If the stamp is placed on the ink pad continuously with a pressure then it may create an indentation on the pad, which will be problematic when you want to use another stamp on the same ink pad. Rubber stamp is made with latex rubber, wood for making a block which adhesive rubber with it and adhesive glue. There are a few types of stamps are available.

  1. Mounted rubber stamp: These stamps are available in the market every time in various varieties of classes. They can create detailed pictures.
  2. Non-mounted rubber stamp: These stamps are used in the banking sector generally.
  3. Foam stamps
  4. Digital stamps etc.

Designs of the rubber stamp depend on the designer what they want to create. Generally, these are used for official firms. If somebody wants to make their papers official he has to create his own stamp design, it may be a picture or alphabets.