Career Made From Instagram Likes And Followers : Too Risky Or Worth It?

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Career Made From Instagram Likes And Followers : Too Risky Or Worth It?

Posted OnJuly 31, 2020 0

When the internet came into existence, nobody could have predicted the level of global connectivity it would reach. It brought huge changes in our lifestyle, enabling us to strengthen our social networking skills. Social media has added new career options and the most famous one being an “Instagram Influencer.”

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What is an Instagram Influencer?

The career and success of an Instagram Influencer depends on the number of Instagram likes and followers they have. A large number of followers signifies that they have gained credibility and the audience trust their authenticity. Different brands approach these individuals to promote their product to, in return of which they earn money. Brands have realised that Influencer marketing can give them more recognition and sales than conventional advertising.

Let’s take a look at why these brands give so much importance to the number of Instagram likes and followers.

Extensive Reach

Instagram is sweeping the world with its wide networking reach and popularity. This social site has over one billion users which amounts to more than one-tenth of the Earth’s population. According to Instagram’s general demographics, 75% of their users are people aged between 18 to 24. Therefore, brands are aware that if they want to attract the younger generation, Instagram is probably their best option.

Engagement Rate

This social media powerhouse is also the most engaging social media platform. The average engagement ratio is greater than the engagement ratio of Facebook. Henceforth, it’s quite obvious that the more followers one has, the more reach and recognition the products can achieve. Bigger brands or the more expensive brands look for someone with a large number of Instagram followers and likes. The price of each endorsement depends on this number.

How do brands find suitable influencers?

Although the number of followers and likes play the most crucial role for brands to pick an influencer, it’s useless if the content of the selected influencer doesn’t match with the products of that brand. For example, a fitness brand would look for an influencer who posts fitness related things on their feed. Therefore, brands carefully go through a number of steps before finalizing their influencer.

Influencer Vetting

This is the general process followed by the brands to shortlist and select the most suitable influencer for their product.

  • An influencer should be well aware of the content and motive of the brand.
  • Their engagement rate is as important as the number of followers and likes.
  • Analysing if their Instagram followers and likes are real or fake.
  • Some brands directly contact an Influencer marketing agency who acts as a link between the company and influencers.

Is it worth it?

A career based on the number of followers and likes through,may sound risky but for some people, the positive aspects outweigh the negative side of this job. It does require a lot of time and patience to grow an audience but once you reach there, the opportunities that come out of it are unmatchable.