Get grease-free slides at Chambrelan


Get grease-free slides at Chambrelan

Posted OnJune 1, 2021 0

For some environments, like paint booths as an example, Teflon-free grease is indispensable. It can be as a result of Teflon prevents the paint from adhering properly to surfaces. This grease is so indispensable if you have got to style this sort of project. They will also provide you best quality of heavy duty drawer slides.

Use of grease for high temperatures

 If you’re attending to use their Chambrelan telescopic slides or linear guide rails in a kitchen appliance, or the other setting requiring warmth. Below or higher than their normal vary -20°C to +80°C, they provide specific greases that may face up to temperatures from -65° to +1200°.

Hence the importance of consulting the U.S. concerning the temperature varies for your project. Their metallic element Chambrelan references, whether or not rails or slides, aren’t appropriate for temperatures higher than 180°.

Get grease-free slides

You will even have the likelihood, if necessary for your application, to request their grease-free slides. Though it can be not recommended so, slides and rails need lubrication for the correct functioning and proper sliding. They tend to suggest forever greasing the runners once mounting their merchandise.

To conclude, the Chambrelan manufactures all its linear and telescopic rails with optimized greases. However, they tend to can adapt their merchandise to the particular conditions you encounter.

Improvement and lubrication

To guarantee an optimum service life of their guide systems and slides, they tend to suggest regular improvement and lubrication of their telescopic slides and linear rails.

In industrial environments, dirt and particles will get into the bearing races. The balls then hit the obstacle in question and forestall them from sliding. For telescopic slides, they tend to aren’t able to offer kits for improvement the slides. They tend to suggest that you just often maintain your systems by degreasing. And greasing the raceways of the telescopic slides or guide rails.