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Everyone’s dream!

Owning a green house in the yard however small is everyone’s dream. This is a curiosity which is found right from childhood where children always want to play and explore the various plants and how they grow. Green houses have been thought to be suitable only for the cold climates but now the trend and the old idea has changed and it is now everybody’s dream project to set up a green house in the house and some people even name it as a conservatory where they can look at the beautiful flowers and other vegetables each morning and take pride in the achievement. But before venturing into the project one must be aware of how much does a small greenhouse cost so that every need is taken care of before the project begins.

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Size matters!

  • When it comes to setting up a greenhouse the size is what dictates the cost of construction.
  • A medium sized 10 inch by 10 inch space would cost around 17,000 USD taking all the different factors into consideration such as power requirements, labor wages, and the materials that are required such as pipes, wiring and others.
  • If you want to go about by self building or DIY method it can be reduced to about 3500USD.
  • You can increase or decrease the cost by opting for a cheaper method of a smaller sized greenhouse.
  • The greenhouse serves as a spot for all year round gardening and to grow vegetables in all the different seasons.
  • The square footage can be chosen as per the cost and how much you can spend on the project but before that you need to ask how much does a small greenhouse cost to a professional to understand it better.